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Party Planning and Tips For a Happy Doggie Picnic Party
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Party Planning and Tips For a Happy Doggie Picnic Party

Thank your dog for his loyalty and friendship by throwing a picnic party for him and his friends. Yes, you read that right. Dogs too can have picnic in the park.

Dog owners in Southern California managed to organize dog picnic parties for their loving pets. This involved the usual party details for humans such as table settings, floral centerpieces, and good food. But in organizing a real picnic party for your dog, make sure that you keep the party true to the real nature of the celebrants.

Parties for pets could mean disaster if not handled well. Because of their pet nature, they would not of course enjoy fancy table settings and decors. What your dog would enjoy is a free time with his dog pals.

In organizing a picnic party for your pet dog, it is imperative that the guest list is limited to a few dogs. It is also important to consider the dogs know each other or the breeds go well together. Play, food, and competition may be troublesome for different breed dogs. If possible, make sure that the invited dogs are obedient and well-trained by the owners to ensure that they can listen to the commands of their masters.

Plan an activity for the dogs too. Those who are well-trained can run obstacle courses. Ball chasing for smaller and friendlier dogs could also be done. If you plan on placing toys around their activity area, make sure that there is enough for every dog. These pets are like children who will fight over a limited number of toys.

And as owners, or parents, it is important that play is supervised for these children, or dogs. At all cost, do avoid triggers. These could be food or anything that would create an aggressive reaction to dogs. Foods should not be around the activity area. Water drinking should be supervised as well even if water dishes are placed in every corner. This ensures the dogs that they need not fight over something to drink.

Of course, the party should be outdoors and be kept short. Your focus should be on the dog and not with the floral centerpieces, linen napkins, and picnic baskets essential for human picnic parties. Dog foods are naturally necessary but they should be introduced slowly and carefully.

The doggie picnic party objective is simple – that you enjoy hanging out with your dog and your dog enjoy a good time with his doggie friends.

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Party Planning and Tips For a Happy Doggie Picnic Party
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