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Inspiring and Heroic Dog Stories

Inspiring and Heroic Dog Stories

Some of our most inspiring accounts come from canine heroes. Loyal, dedicated and loving dogs have saved so many lives and thought so much hope to so many people. Keep reading to learn of inspiring dog stories and why dogs are so well suited to the role of heroes. Dogs are intelligent, easily trained and loyal – making them a great choice for working duties like police work, search and rescue, guide dog services and therapeutics aids for hospital patients.

Let’s look at guide dogs. Stoic in service, guide dogs spend every day working with their masters and serve as their eyes, ears or limbs. During the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, two brave guide dogs led their masters to safety amongst smoke, fire, confusion and chaos. In the aftermath of those same attacks, trained Search and Rescue Canine Units saved hundreds of lives as they hunted out survivors in the rubble. Dogs were also used to find remains and bring peace to the thousands of families who had lost a loved one.

More than any other animal, dogs are capable of dedicated and devoted service. Their intelligence allows them to learn commands, their pack nature instills obedience and loyalty and their domesticated background is what makes them so protective of man – their best friend.

On a regular basis, we hear the news about a dog saving someone’s life, whether it’s pulling a child out from broken ice, running to find help for an injured master or staving off an attack from intruders. Dogs instinctively protect their territory and their loved ones.

Take for example Keisha, a Florida dog that died saving her family of four from a deadly house fire. The dog woke everyone up, from babies to a great grandmother, by running through the house, barking and jumping on beds. She then led the family to safety. It is that intelligence, dedication and protective, loving nature inbreed in dogs that leads to such acts of inspiring heroism.

That very intelligence is why so many people are inspired by stories like Keisha’s. It confirms their belief that their dogs both understand and love them. And because of these inspiring and true stories of dog heroism, more and more people are starting to learn just how wonderful dogs are. Instead of seeing them as mangy mutts or dirty canines, people have the opportunity to see dogs as intelligent heroes who save lives, help the police, guide the disabled and work alongside doctors and nurses to bring love and comfort to patients.

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Inspiring and Heroic Dog Stories
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