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A Puppy Pups Party Plan
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A Puppy Pups Party Plan


If the kids have just gotten a new puppy or they have discovered those lovable puppy pups then you’ll probably want to throw a puppy pups themed party for that next big holiday event. Puppy pups parties are good for the summertime. That way you can invite the guests to bring over their own dogs to help celebrate the holiday or event. Of course this means you’ll need to tell your guests to make sure their dog is good with other dogs and ask that everyone RSVP with the number of dogs they’re be bringing. You want to be prepared for a large number of pooches.

For the humans at the party you should certainly make use of some puppy pups party supplies. Everyone will just adore the plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth with the big puppy pups snouts featured in the forefront on them. If you like you can even serve the dogs at the party on these paper plates. It will make for much easier clean up.

Having dogs at the party is also a great idea if you want to set up some pet and owner competitions. You can have a basic walk the dog race by having pairs of owners and dogs line up on a starting line and at your ‘go’ making a quick dash for the finish line. You can add a little interest to this by setting up a fake ‘doggie pile’ that the owners need to pick up with a baggie and bring back to the starting place. Give a prize to the first group to complete the race.

Some simple party favors to give out can be just about anything related to the puppy pups theme. Give out whistles, doggie beats and human treasures, and themed pencils, pens, stickers and even temporary tattoos for the kids at the party.

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A Puppy Pups Party Plan
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